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Backup account for MistressHarper

So basically its just stamps. Linearts. Lit tags probably if I make more of them. Possibly if I ever get back into the game for them then some manips too. Adoptable characters? I dont even know. Stay tuned to find out I guess and we shall discover the future together.
Oh yes and also memes. Cause why not. Why not post all the annoying meme journals here where people can just unwatch and wont miss anything important heck yeah.
have a thing that i stole from everybody shhhh

Legal Name: Mmmmmmmm

Section 1: Basic Information -

Gender + preferred pronouns: I suppose I'm a girl. I guess. And go by she but whatever you wanna call me I guess is fine
Hair color: Naturally brown but right now its light purple/slightly pink-ish
Eye color: Green with a vibe of gray
Height: Too short. Way too short. About five something idek
Approximate weight: I dont honestly know at all
Location: Home. Aye. Thats located somewhere around Finland
Age: 22
Birthday: October 7th
Birthplace: Mmmmmmm
Scars + reasons why: I dont have any permanent scars but I have two on my wrist right now cause of Vincent
Astrological sign: Libra
Dominant hand: Right
 I belong to Christian church for godmother reasons, but I refer to myself as an agnostic
Dominant brain: ...Do you think I have one to begin with anymore?
Race: Caucasian
Relationship status: Forever alone with some fictional men and cats
Glasses: Nope
Braces: Nope
Piercings: None

Section 2: Preferences

Favorite color: Blue
Favorite letter: A and J
Favorite ice cream flavor: Mudcake
Favorite food: Hamburgers
Favorite drink: Coke Zero
Favorite "drug": Dont do
Favorite number: 7 and 10
Favorite sport: I hate sports but probably wrestling
Favorite subject: There are no such things anymore
Favorite month: I dont really even know if I have one anymore, I just like seasons. Probably August
Favorite song: Atm, Attitude City by NSP
Favorite book: I read far too little to answer to this
Favorite movie: Shaun of the Dead
Favorite season: Fall
Favorite TV show: I hate this question. Torn between so many good shows hngg
Favorite video game: The whole MGS series. Not picking faves I love them all
Favorite word: Shenanigans

Section 3: Serious Issues

What are your views on...

1. Liberalism?
Yeah sure go for it

2. The existence of God?

I dont personally believe in any of that (three years in Christian school teaches you to be very skeptical of things..), but I'm not denying that they exist if you wanna believe so.

3. Jesus Christ?
Also well yeah it is recorded in the history books that a guy named Jesus was there at the same time as the Bible stuff happened, its just not sure if he did the things the Bible claims that he did so theres that.

4. Abortion?

Your body, your choice.

5. Global warming?

I just read a rant about this whole thing in Facebook like two days ago and yeah its seriously starting to become an issue so yeah lets please take care of this place we live on.

6. Humanity?

Pfffffff fuck em. Both literary and figuratively.

7. Vegetarianism?
As long as you dont shame me on eating me, we are good to go with whatever.

8. Animal abuse?

Fuck you.

9. Capital punishment?

Like I see why its ruled illegal really. But then again the whole legal system is just fucked so it should be a thing when it comes to certain thing you know.

10. Evolution?


11. Extraterrestrial beings?
Somewhere out there. I've been listening to enough paranormal podcasts to know its definitely a high possibility that we are not alone.

12. Heaven?

Its the same answer as to the first two of this section.

13. Hell?


14. Purgatory?

All religious things go into the same answer. I just honestly dont care.

15. Ghosts?


16. Serial Killers?

I mean those people are totally fucked up. What else is there to say?

17. Marriage?
If you think its the right person and you both wanna go for it, go for it. Thats pretty much all there is to it.

18. Smoking?
If you smoke, good... For you I guess, but dont shove that shit in my face cause I dont care for it.

19. Drinking?
If you drink, keep yourself sane and safe. If I drink, well I only drink if someone else is buying so its very, VERY rare for me to drink aye.

20. Child abuse?
Its just wrong. It should never ever ever ever EVER happen. Fuck child abusers.

Section 4: Romantic Preferences 

I honestly dont know. I feel like I dont like anyone
Eye color: Anything goes but if you have green eyes you are already on the side of victory for me
Hair color: Anything goes, whatever looks good on you
Height: Taller than me but thats like the case 99% of the time so yeah
Weight: I dont really care
Age: As long as you are the legal age and cool as all hell I dont really care
Religion: Believe in what you want as long as you are respecting my views too
Scars: If you have them, cool. If you dont have them, cool. Its like whatever, you cant judge a person by their scars, visible or not.
Glasses: Why not?
Braces: ^
Piercings: ^
Tattoos: ^ 
Career: If you have a job you are good enough for me. Or if not, then you are actively looking for one
Marriage (y/n): Maybe. Who knows
Who proposes: I dont know, that depends on the situation
Wedding colors: I have a Batman themed dark dress. They are wearing a white suit. Aye
Wedding size: Probably small. Unless they are rich and wanna throw a big wedding. I dont know
Number of children: I dont know, we'll see if that ever happens
Name of one child: --
Together Forever?: If I find the one, I hope so? Either that or forever alone
Turn ons: I like calling them guilty pleasures instead. But, um, tattoos, green eyes, plaid shirts, suits, leather jackets.. Also glasses to that hot nerdy extend. TO NAME A FEW. Oh yes and playing an instrument and being able to sing are big things for me too
Turn offs: If you are an ass. It doesnt matter how good you look, if you are an ass its an automatic turn off

Section 5: The "Test" with No Wrong Answers

1. If you could change your name, to what would you change it, if anything, and why?

I wouldnt. End of story.

2. If any amount of any sort of fame was available to you, what would you choose and why?

Like mmmmm being a recognized writer, you know. So that people know 'oh hey you are that who did this' and heck yeah. Cause it would be cool and thats what I want. Deal with it.

3. List the first five quotes which come to mind - no repeats!

"Dont compare your behind the scenes to someone else's highlight reel."
Thats it. Thats my go to quote whenever someone asks me for this shit. Thanks Dan. It wasnt even his original quote but thats where I heard it from.
Also the "I have laid my dreams to your feet. Dread carefully, because you are dreading on my dreams." is one of my faves. I'm just really bad at remembering exactly how it goes, but its from the movie Equilibrium and I just love it to death. Its on such a beautiful moment too so ah. I love it.

4. What kind of fan club would you like to have or do you have?
make me a fanclub people I dont have a fanclub. My characters dont have a fanclub. I dont really care if I had a fanclub. I guess it would be cool but eh. Whatever really. Eventually, I hope.

5. If you had everything you needed delivered daily, what would it be?
Is it just me or does this question just sound super dumb? But yeah, clothes, food, just some random things I guess. I dont know.

6. If you were told you must join the army (or navy or marines), but could choose any position you liked, what would you choose?

Well, in the army here they have a patrol that takes care of the army dogs so that one? Or the intel team, from stories I've heard thats also kinda cool thing.

7. If you are a member of a club, or multiple clubs, describe it, or them.

Nope. No clubs.

8. If you were assured of all your daily needs, what kind of job would you want, if any, and how would you spend your paycheck?

Well, I'm kinda aiming to that you know.. But yeah, a writer. Such a shocking answer, wow. And paycheck would go to whatever youtuber shirts because thats how I roll.

9. If you could choose any sort of environment in which to live, what would you pick?
I'm content here. I just need a place of my own.

10. If you had to wear the same outer layer of clothing every day, what would it be?

I basically have just one set of clothes that I wear to work almost every day so yeah theres that.

11. If you received a fifty dollar check in the mail, guaranteed, every day, what would you do with it?

Fifty dollars? Thats less on the euro market... Mmmmmm just probably buy things when I need them, save up for bigger things, you know. Just whatever I needed at the time cause it would still be like coming in so it wouldnt be a big loss to spend them away so fast.

12. What would you do if you knew you would die in 5 days?

Lets not. I'm not prepared.

13. What is the most important goal in your life?

You all know this. Do I have to put it into words anymore.

14. How would you prefer, ideally speaking, to die?

Never. Thats the ideal way tbh.

15. Do you have any strong feelings about how you will or will not die?

I have declared this like few years now, but I will be a victim of a conspiracy theory. Yes I am a paranoid person.

16. Do you find talk of death creepy?

Eeeeh I've always been kinda iffy about it yes, but then again unless the situation is serious, I dont take it too seriously to be honest.

17. If you could learn everything about any subject tomorrow, what subject would you choose and how much would you be willing to sacrifice for the knowledge?
I dont know. I enjoy researching much more so I just dont want things to be handed to me, even with a sacrifice.

18. What role do you think fate plays in your life?

If it does, it totally sucks. I dont really believe in fate, you play with the cards you have, its a creative game of luck and chance, not fate.

19. How important do you think you are, not just to yourself but to your circles and the world?

I dont even have circles. Who really gives a shit. I dont occasionally so why should anyone, really.

20. What really brings you joy?

Music, games, Grumps, my baes, my friends, mmmmmm many things <3

Section 6: Your Parents

Father's name: I dont care for him
Occupation: He probably doesnt have one
Eye color: No honest idea
Hair color: ^
Height: ^
Weight: ^
Age: ^
Religion: ^
Other distinguishing features: ^ (in all honesty, I dont know my real dad so fuck that noise hes probably an asshole)

Mother's name: I'll keep this to myself k sorry
Occupation: None
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Brown
Height: No idea
Weight: ^
Age: 47
Religion: Christianity
Just mother or mom?: Its basically the same in Finnish but I say mom

Section 7: More Random Questions

1. What is your motto? Why?

I actually came up with a very good last night. "If you cant embrace your past, you cant face your future." Ayeeeeee.

2. What is your cell phone ring tone? Why?
I dont have a ring tone. Its always on silent.

3. Would you consider priesthood or the religious life (monk or nun)?

Nope, never.

4. Do you have a nickname or nicknames? What?

I have a few shared inside the family, but basically just yeah call me Pixi.

5. What do you fear?

Spiders and shit ton of other insects, big dogs and horses.. I'm just in general scared of so many animals.
Also cam corder footage. Fuck that shit seriously.

6. What is your weakness?

I'm overly selfconscious like 95% of the time and I'm awkward as all hell. And I'm overly emotional. And million other things.

7. What do you consider one of your strengths?
If I set my mind on things I can do just about anything I want. ..Thats probably it idk.

8. What mythological creature do you wish was real?
At least mermaids. God I love mermaids.

9. What would you do tomorrow if you knew you could not fail?

Pull together something to send to the publisher. Apply to schools. Try to get a job. Send in applications for apartments.

10. Would you ask someone out if you liked them or would you wait and try to find out if it's mutual first?

First I found out if its mutual. Then I would wait until they asked me out. I'm too awkward to ask anything like that from anyone hnggg.

11. Do you like sleep?

Hell yeah.

12. What is your opinion on acronyms and abbreviations?

Like, if they are done for like a neat purpose of shortening up something creative, thats all good. Other than that, I just dont really care. As long as you are typing or talking in a way where I can still understand you, I'm good to go. Just please. Dont use them all the time with every fucking word. Thats not cool.

13. Do you think math is important? How important?
Some math is. Some math isnt. You decide which is which.

14. Do you have a dream home? If so, please describe.

Anything fitting for myself and two baby kitties I'm good to go.

15. Can you solve the mysteries of the universe?

I wish.

16. Would you rather freeze to death in summer or burn to death in winter?

I heard freezing is much less painful than burning so yeah.

17. How many roads must a man walk down before they call him a man?

That depends on what kind of roads we are talking about. They also need to climb few hills to reach their destination.

18. What's the most random thing you can think of right now?

I'm hungry.

19. Do you like waffles?


20. What do you do frequently that you consider a colossal waste of time?

Memes. Especially memes. All the memes. My life is a meme.
Memes. The code of the next generation. We pass them on in our DNA. Memes.
..And now I'm going to be upset since no one gets this thing dammit.

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